Open Air Festival Svojšice 2020 (english)

Saturday 22/5/2021 | Summer Area Svojšice, Pardubice District


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How to get to the festival venue? Please find all useful information below.

By train

By bus

We arranged comfortable transport from Pardubice for you. The direct busses to the festival area leaves in 30 minutes period from the Main Bus Station Pardubice - platform no. 12. There will be signs for better orientation on the busses (posters of the festival Svojšice). Scheduled departure of the first bus from Pardubice to Svojšice is at 2:00 pm. The main bus station is 5 minutes far from the main train station. 

From Svojšice: Bus stop is placed close to the main entrance of the festival at the main road. Scheduled departure of the first bus from Svojšice to Pardubice is on Sunday at 6 am.

One way ticket is 80 CZK. Please be ready with change. The minimum of passangers for a bus is 10 person.

Festival TAXI: +420777503020

Average taxi rate: 28 CZK per km + 40 CZK starting rate
Train station Kolín – Svojšice (40,6 km) – 1.200 CZK
Train station Pardubice – Svojšice (17,2 km) – 530 CZK
Train station Chrudim – Svojšice (16,5 km) – 520 CZK
Train station  Přelouč – Svojšice (11,2 km) – 360 CZK

Taxi service provided by EU Transfers - Miroslav Bukovič

By car

It is strictly forbidden to park the car anywhere but on the parking area. Cars parked at other spots will be pulled out.

GPS: 49.970542,15.603536

Direction from Prague (North and West Bohemia)

The fastest connection is on the highway D11 to exit 68 by Chýště. Since this exit follow the road I/36 direction Pardubice to village Rohovládova Bělá. At the end of this village turn right direction Přelouč by road II/323. Follow the road till crossroad with II/333 and here turn right and via Břehy continue to Přelouč. In Přelouč on the light crossroad continue directly to Lipoltice. The road goes via Mokošín and in village Lipoltice follow the road left to Choltice. On the crossroad at Chotlice turn right direction Svojšice. It´s about 3 kms to the venue.




Direction from Brno (South Moravia), Jihlava (Vysočina) and Čáslav (Central and South Bohemia)

Exit the D1 highway on 112 exit by Jihlava to road I/38 and continue to Havlíčkův Brod, Habry, Golčův Jeníkov to Čáslav ring road. Here turn right to I/17 and follow the road to village Stojice, here turn left direction Choltice and it takes you just few kilometers to the venue.



Direction from Olomouc (Central and North Moravia and Slezia)

Road I/35 via Moravská Třebová, Litomyšl and Vysoké Mýto to crossroad with I/17 by Zámrsk. Here turn left and continue via Hrochův Týnec, Chrudim a Heřmanův Městec to Stojice. Here turn right and it takes you just few kilometers to the venue.



Direction from Hradec Králové (East Bohemia) and Pardubice

Follow road I/37 to Pardubice. On the crossroad by Paramo continue direction Kolín on I/2 via Svítkov and Staré Čivice to the crossroad in the forest, here just turn direction Choltice. Follow the road to via Bezděkov to Choltice. Here on before the village turn direction Svojšice and it takes just few minutes to get to the venue.