Open Air Festival Svojšice 2020 (english)

Saturday 10/7/2021 | Summer Area Svojšice, Pardubice District


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Svojšice 2021 will take place and we are very happy for that!

Svojšice 2021 will take place and we are very happy for that!

Datum: 7.6.2021

Official statement...

This year's festival season was again a big question mark, but in the end the capacities were released for larger events as well. Unfortunately, it will not be a celebration of the already postponed 20th anniversary of the festival. We cannot afford to organize such an expensive big event with several very expensive artists, even in this loose time. After much deliberation, I decided not to postpone this anniversary, because celebrating something with a two- or three-year delay does not make sense to me. 

Instead, we will try to do our best in conditions such that the festival survives everything unscathed and has been with us for at least another few years. Related to this is my request to the fans: If you like Svojšice, my vision is close to you and you want to help me with it, I will be very happy if you use the already purchased tickets for Svojšice - 20th Anniversary for this year and will not return them.
I will be very grateful if you understand my decision and support our festival.

With respect.

Petr Dzingel / Džejár