Open Air Festival Svojšice 2018 (english)

Legendary Summer Festival

Saturday, the 23rd of June 2018 | Summer Area Svojšice, Pardubice District

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Warm up tour of Festival Svojšice is on

Warm up tour of Festival Svojšice is on

Datum: 5.4.2018

This year's Warm Up Tour has already begun and counts to 40 DJs!

Hereby we publish the Warm Up Toure sites of Festival Svojšice, which will take place almost all over Czech Republic. You can look forward to kickass techno & house lineup in your selected club. You can expect our Indian hostess team to hand out Svojšice tickets, CD compilation and T-shirts from the festival collection and other small gifts. Check out, if we will be close to your place of stay!


You can find a list of places and official FB events here:



13.4. 2018 - PARDUBICE - Svojšice warm up l Embargo l 13.4.

20.4.2018 - OLOMOUC - Svojšice Official Warm Up w/ Džejár - Sarah-Em

30.4.2018 - HOLICE - Official Warm Up Svojšice X Na Hlubáku Holice

4.5.2018 - PŘÍBRAM - Svojšice - official warm up


11.5.2018 - TÁBOR - Official Warm Up Svojšice

18.5.2018 - BRNO - Boss & Džejár at Official Svojšice Warmup, Perpetuum

25.5.2018 - PRAHA - Svojšice Warm Up 2018 w/ Luke Sun (DE), Ladida & many more!

1.6. 2018 - KOLÍN - STARÉ LÁZNĚ

2.6.2018 - LITOMYŠL - Svojšice WARM UP ★ DC U Kolji Litomyšl


Complete Tour plan -