Open Air Festival Svojšice 2018 (english)

Legendary Summer Festival

Saturday, the 23rd of June 2018 | Summer Area Svojšice, Pardubice District

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Story of Festival Svojšice

Story of Festival Svojšice

Datum: 28.5.2018

Read the story of the great shaman, which explains the true nature of our festival and why we organize it for you for all those years...

The Universe created a powerful Shaman to heal the human race. This magical being was sent to the planet Earth thousands of years ago to connect the people of the work by natural energy and musical rhythms. He was destined to return after his death in the form of a spiritual  being who materializes through human love for music and for the mother Earth. The energy created was considered to be magical and healing. It spread across the planet into the whole Universe. This wise teaching was to connect people without distinction of faith or race. 

When the magical being reached the ground in human form, he settled in picturesque countryside full of beautiful trees, grassy plains and lakes where the sunshine was so powerful that life evolved in its most beautiful form. In this place he began to teach  indigenous tribes to perceive musical emotion and spread the teachings of the infinite Universe which needs to absorb musical vibrations and the love of people for its natural development. This spell spread all over the world and the being became a revered healer. The human race called this magical being a "Shaman". 

People worshiped and loved him. Every day in the wild they danced under the moonlight to the sounds of the drums, sang loudly and connected to the Shaman's magical teching in their minds. These dances made people internally unbridled, full of natural passion and love for music, with consciousness and humility towards mother Earth which provided its treasure to mankind. They realized the essence of being, its beauty and respect for all living creatures and they filled their hearts with love.

When the Shaman‘s human form reached the end of its life, many indigenous tribes and cultures joined together to pay honor to him - creating a huge dance session of thousands of human bodies. The massive energy of this affectionate event sparked a connection of human consciousness with his soul, and thus, after his earthly death, the vision of his magical teachings was realized. This became the basis of the spiritual connection between humans and nature, the Universe and the soul of human ancestors.

When I was six, I saw and experienced events that influenced my spiritual life for the first time. It was then I realized my connection. My journey was that of understanding and music meant an open gate to my happiness. I perceive the festival Svojšice as my mission - there we meet once a year to celebrate our great love of music and respect for nature. Our festival valley is just as natural and magical as I had wished for. The energy that this place bestows us all is so strong and positive that, in conjunction with the musical rhythms that are relayed here into our bodies and minds, we create a unique charge in our hearts that unites us all. It connects us all with the spirit of the legendary shaman…


Petr Dzingel - Džejár