Open Air Festival Svojšice 2018 (english)

Legendary Summer Festival

Saturday, the 23rd of June 2018 | Summer Area Svojšice, Pardubice District

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Spotify playlist of 50 tracks from DJs performing at Svojšice 2018

Spotify playlist of 50 tracks from DJs performing at Svojšice 2018

Datum: 29.5.2018

Music portal prepared 50 tracks from this year's headliners

Magical shaman entity holds his protective hand over Festival Svojšice this year, and that is why the beautiful and highly requested Nina Kraviz will honnor us with her presence. She is bringing with herself her personal support techno DJs, but we will also have an opportunity to enjoy broken beats (DnB) and hard techno. Tune with us the sounds that will be waiting for you at the festival grounds.

Several selected tracks from Nina are the bottom line, but the perfect sound is also guaranteed by pair of DJs that have been chosen by Nina as her forerunners - Eric Cloutier and Deniro. The main stage is supported also by Dani Sbert, Alex Preda or the magical Brynjolfur.

But we do not stop here - live show will be presented by two of the most requested Czech exports - HRTL and Elektrabel. On the stage full of broken beats, the High Contrast will surely dominate, alongside with The Prototypes, A.M.C and B-Complex.

And do not worry, we did not forget the most bizarre techno in our playlist - whether it's a Czech hard techno DJ Golpe or a spanish couple Psychodrums aka Needlax & Miss Pockett.

So tune with us on Festival Svojšice 2018! The selection below is exactly what you can expect at our festival grounds.