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Legendary Summer Festival

Saturday, the 23rd of June 2018 | Summer Area Svojšice, Pardubice District

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Festival Svojsice discloses complete line-up

Festival Svojsice discloses complete line-up

Datum: 2.5.2018

Nina Kraviz - The most wanted DJ of the world headlining 18th edition of Festival Svojšice!

"Shaman Techno Stage" of Festival Svojsice 2018 will be under Nina Kraviz's dramaturgical patronage. The line-up of this stage will be decorated by some new underground scene names, two deep tech-house producers, a special Slovak techno show and two live techno projects.

As guests, Nina chose representatives of her record label Eric Cloutier from Detroit and Deniro from Amsterdam. After them, there will perform two deep tech producers Dani Sbert from Mallorca and Alex Preda from Amsterdam. The special project Rumenige meet Boss will feature Slovak techno legends Dj Toky and Boss, excellent live shows will be delivered by two Czech artists HRTL and Elektrabel! The opening set of this stage will belong to young Danish house producer Brynjolfur. And the closing set will belong to Džejár who is the founder of Festival Svojsice!

Words of Džejár, the founder of Festival Svojsice: „Techno stage of this year’s edition is finally different. At least that's how I personally feel about it. It's more underground and  it's a bit closer to the so-called "Berlin Berghain". Nina and her management had a major influence on this. Although I have to say that my trip to Berlin has played its part as well. I visited nearly all the clubs of Berlin techno scene in November last year and I left completely overwhelmed. The energy and the overall feeling of their parties blew my brains out. It was not new to me, I've already experienced it! It was similar to the events I held or played at in the very beginnings of our scene back in 1999. DJ was praised by people as God, the "technosterone" was in the air, party people were 1000% present at the moment and completely devoted to music and that was basically all they were interested in. In Tresor, I did not see the tip of my nose, as the fog was so dense in conjunction with a flashing stroboscope. And when Dave Clarke was playing, the thousand people just roared on every mix he played. Three hours!!! Oh, even now I have a goose skin. And Berghain literally showed me the true meaning of term “underground”, the love for party music and basically what the whole scene is all about. Its roots, the philosophy that is reflected in our everyday thinking that affects our attitudes on how far we are able to perceive the electronic scene and distinguish what is commercial and what is not for us.”

Džejár continues: “Nina’s guests are "the new fresh names" for Czech audience. But they are producers who make really good quality music and have a lot to offer. I'm in touch with each one of them, including Nina, and we're discussing what Svojsice audience is about and what kind of tunes people like to listen. They take all into account and they try to put a piece of themselves in it. For example when I listen to Brynjolfur's production, I do not understand where such a young guy gets feelings and ideas about how to create emotionally (internally) rich tracks that have a touch of 80’s when he was not even born at that time :)

This year's edition is simply "The Return of a King." By king I mean the true essence of techno itself. Because for me and I believe that even for many of you, techno is a way of life and a cultural fulfillment. And this enlightenment has been reflected into this year's edition of our festival.

An inseparable part of Festival Svojšice is Ritual Drum & Bass Stage, which is being coordinated by Let It Roll team who is the biggest drum & bass festival organizer in the world. The boys have kicked it up this year pretty well and we can look forward the true living legend of British Hospital Records - High Contrast! The kickass line-up of Ritual Stage introduces other well known names such as The Prototypes, master behind mixes A.M.C. and Slovak dnb star B-Complex. And surely, there will not be missing the core DJs of Let It Roll crew and other top Czech DJs including new home scene discoveries! It is going to be hell of a ride, that's clear now!

On Trans Hard Techno Stage we were also aiming for new unknown names this year. Headliners of this stage will be a loving couple Psychodrums aka Needlax & Miss Pockett from Barcelona! We will introduce an excellent Bulgarian producer called Nobody and Dj Gumja from Slovenia! They will be supported by Slovak DJ Matthew and Czech hard techno legend Golpe with his guests. Yes! The sweat will be splashing all over the place! :)

Follow our facebook and instagram for the hottest news about our festival.Here on our web you can find wallpapers for your mobile and computer, you can read our story about our almighty shaman and soon you will be able to order a new merchandise from online shop. More about this year’s edition and Nina will be said in video interviews by the end of May.

Magical, mythical, mysterious, unique and, above all, full of positive energy and love for music will Festival Svojšice be this year. It is set in a natural amphitheater in the middle of beautiful nature. On Saturday, June 23, will be held already 18th edition of our festival. Join us so you can experience what you will not experience anywhere else.”


We look forward your presence!

Petr Dzingel - DJ Džejár